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About Us
About Us

The Idea "Perfekt Group" was founded in 1994 by the later awarded Woman of the 21st Century in Bulgaria, Ruzha Stoykova.

For 19 successful years, PG has been developing its structure and team to become one of the most influential and innovative leaders in the field of interior design, construction building and project management.

With a team of more than 800 people, we are proud recipients of 28 awards in the sphere of design, architecture, media and business: including 7 consecutive awards for “Best Building of the Year” in Bulgaria. 

The consortium PG has created more than 3000 residences, buildings, offices, hotels and venues in Bulgaria and abroad.

PG is one of the most luxurious and successful boutique designer in the country. The team has had the pleasure to work with investors such as:

SCI France, Kimberly Land, Benchevi&Co, Petrol Holding, Festa Holding, Dinevi Group, Allianz Bulgaria, Sunny Beach Hotel Holding, MobilTel Group, Riviera JSC, Bulgarian Direct Reisen and many more.

Now we have the pleasure to introduce our brilliant team to the rest of the world.