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news // The new year stars off with a new creative space for the team of Perfekt Group

The new year stars off with a new creative space for the team of Perfekt Group


Perfect Group commenced the new 2015 with the opening of its new office.

The new office of the company is located on the main street in Burgas Alexandrovska 109. Come and see us , we have prepared many new surprises for this year.


The opening was celebrated with our closest and most loyal friends and customers. The interior of our new office is designed entirely in the style of eclecticism and can make you feel at home.


The atmosphere invites you to drink a cup of coffee in a friendly manner. Upon entering the 5th floor into a spacious living area with a huge sunny windows you find yourself overwhelmed by the broad gray crowns of perennial trees in this part of town. They welcome you with a bright smile and unusual tranquility. Here, no one is in a hurry and everyone is ready to hear your questions, and then offer you some very professional opinion and solution to all your problems. Our new home almost immediately creates a mood that makes you feel you have come to the most spiritually elevated place...

When you leave ... smile will creep up on your face because you know for sure that Perfect will find the right answers for your troubles.We are waiting for you we look forward with great mood and true professionalism!


We are looking forward to you becoming part of our family and introducing you to our professionalism and perpetual experience in the branch of creating everlasting temples of joy, love and success.