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Adventure di Milano


Once again the great Italian capital of interior design harbored thousands of architects, designers and visitors to its expressive palaces.



We Perfect, also visited the Mecca of design. It is impressive how year after year the trend of creating new lines and design has conquered even factories that traditionally make purely classical or modern styling of its products. The modern times, the dynamic development of life, the different emotional demands of contemporary people are the main incentive for the development of various collections. We become witnesses to some increasingly bold mixture of styles, materials and colors. Clean classic furniture is made from ultra-modernist materials and systems. The fabrics used bring a sense of comfort and a catchy eternity.

However, it is a much easier task for the Italians, who meet all their challenges with their inherent vitality and excitement to inevitably convey their personal traits into their interiors. We were also "infected" by this perennial optimism and we were able to delve into the magic of design during that one week.